Thursday, January 19, 2012

"The 10 Worst Make-Out Songs"... and Maybe Some Good Ones?

I've been checking out the new-ish dating website called HowAboutWe, and while they have a lot of interesting date ideas, they have some interesting articles as well. The most recent one that came in an email was this:

Yes, folks, true story. We've all been there.  The mood is right, you hit your iTunes DJ up for some tunes, not really thinking of it... chicka bow chicka bow wow. . . and THIS comes on:

No, really. That is a real possibility on my iTunes DJ. Sorry BNL, I'll always have feelings for you, but not when I'm, uh, having feelings for someone else.

So, what music do you listen to when you want to not be thinking about Cotton Eye Joe or Aretha Franklin and you want to definitely be thinking of whoever your lips are locked with?

There are some websites that help you put playlists together for this purpose exactly! How helpful, internet.  Some examples include:

8Tracks: 'Give Me Goosebumps'
8Tracks: 'Slow Dancing In A Burning Room' Recipe
StereoMood - Romantic

What about you? Music? No music? What kind?

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