Friday, January 6, 2012

"15 Seconds of Fame" - Brian Jarvis Band (via Mix 104.1)

I was so excited to see this today!  My friend Brian (of the Brian Jarvis Band) and his band were featured today on Boston's Mix 104.1's "15 Seconds of Fame".  The video featured is the band's original song and video written in support of the Special Olympics (specifically, the Dream Ride event in my and Brian's homestate of Connecticut).  This song hit me hard because I work with students with special needs who participate in the Special Olympics, and it's a huge part of their lives.  They live for the "Lympics," as one of my students calls it.
Something kinda cool about this video is that the live music shots are from The Paradise Rock Club here in Boston.  I hope you take a moment to listen to it - and I dare you to not be moved by it!

Congrats to Brian Jarvis, Jon Coates, Dan Fortin and Jim Townsend!

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