Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Palladia, I Love You.

It's true, I can't deny my feelings for you.  You always seem to come through for me, especially when I'm under the weather, like today!
Por ejemplo, you're rockin' the O.A.R. From Madison Square Garden '07 show right now. Not too shabby, Palladia, not one bit. Here's one of my favorite songs (not from that show - couldn't find a lot of good live quality stuff, oops):

'City On Down' - O.A.R. (PNC Bank Arts Center 07.22.2005, by YouTuber foots7)

        (SIDEBAR: A fun fact about O.A.R. is that Marc Roberge's brother is the drummer for Foxtrot Zulu, and they've toured together before.  If you don't know FZ, do your ears a favor and check 'em out, yo.)

I'm looking forward to checking out this one on Palladia - now is when having a DVR would definitely come in handy, but hey, I'll survive somehow :

"This Is A Concert By The Black Keys" premieres this coming Friday (1/13/12) - they're coming to Boston in March, which should be a cool show!

Oh, another cool thing about my love, Palladia?  It's a music channel that PLAYS MUSIC.  

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