Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Concert: Brian Jarvis

 My friend Brian Jarvis (with drummer Jim Townsend) performed at Lasell College in Newton (Auburndale), MA last night, and I went to hang out/listen to some good tunes and get back in touch with my inner college freshman, hanging out in the Campus Center. Cozy place you guys have goin' on over there, Lasell.

The guys played an hourlong set and songs ranged from older Brian Jarvis Band songs to newly-written tunes and a Matchbox20 cover.  He told the crowd a little bit about "'Til I See You Again," which he wrote just after his father passed away two years ago.  His father taught him how to play the guitar, which pushed Brian further into pursuing his music career professionally.

"'Til I See You Again"

"Hardest Break"

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#FunFact: Jim's cool drum box thing is called a cajone.  
#FunFact: Brian can't parallel park.  

Oops, how'd that get in there?  Anyhoo, I'm also now realizing that I didn't really get any photos of Jim where you can see his face, what with the cajone-playing and all. Sorry about that, Jim! I'll get ya next time. 

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