Sunday, January 15, 2012

#MusicMyBrotherGotMeInto: MuteMath

Yep, this post deserved its own #hashtag, solely because I never thought I'd never say those words.
Growing up, my brother and I didn't quite get along - I'm really glad that our relationship has changed for the better, and I'd like to think that music has had a lot to do with that.  We've talked about shows we've seen, what we're listening to, and even seen some local shows together.

A few months ago, while at my parents' house in CT, my brother was there and told me that he had an album he thought I'd like.  The band was MuteMath. This is the album:

I definitely have liked them since that day - very solid alt-rock music, and I would love to check them out live someday.  I love their energy, and it's great to listen to when I need an escape from the norm.

There's a MuteMath: Armistice Live concert on Palladia right now, which I was psyched to find randomly.  Just more reason why I am in love with that channel!  Also, more reason why I want to see this band live!  Anyone see them live and can tell me that I have something cool to look forward to?

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