Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spotlight: Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis loves snakes.
No, for serious. Check out this video on her VH1 'Posted' series.

What she also loves is creating music. 

Here's a little bit about her from her website:
 "In 2007, after four years at USC (where she recorded and self-released three EPs) and a brief move to Austin, TX, Kina joined YouTube, made a music video and entered herself into Doritos’ Crash The Super Bowl contest. In the months that followed, Kina began to accrue followers, lots of them, making herself right at home in front of her computer. Her Two Weeks For Kina site traded daily videos in exchange for votes, and while her votes piled up her following grew exponentially. A few months later, her video for “Message From Your Heart” aired during the Super Bowl and its 97-million viewers and Kina had a YouTube following, a Twitter following, a #1 video on, a street team and, for a short time, a record deal... On April 5th, 2011 Kina released a remixed and remastered version of Stairwells, this time in stores and internationally, thanks to an independent label partner in One Haven Music. This new version of Stairwells includes fan-favorites “Valentine” and “Message From Your Heart” in addition to four brand new tracks..."

You can download Kina's free Daytrotter Session here, and check out her thoughtful, sweet lyrics and voice - I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Bonus: She was on Ellen (and a few other shows, recently), where she was able to introduce her AMAZING new music video to the world. 

22 months
1,357 hours
30 people
2 ladders
1 still camera
288,000 jelly beans. . .

you get the idea. 
Craziness. Awesomeness. All that good stuff.  Do your ears a favor and check Kina out if you can!

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