Thursday, January 5, 2012

SWF for iTunes DJ - 27, Boston Area

I can't hide it anymore... I have feelings for you.  I have for a while now.  I never really noticed you until a few months ago - you've been here all along, but only recently have I truly begun to appreciate your awesomeness.  I hope that doesn't scare you away...

I love hitting the refresh button and seeing what the iTunes DJ comes up with.  I am reminded of some crazy old songs and albums I have on my computer.  Talib Kweli!  Mika!  Max Lugavere!  I can't get enough.  The Talib/Mary J/Mos Def tune is on my "Brad's Mix 2005" - I am a sucker for a good mixtape.  Okay, mixtape, mix CD, whatever.  I'm still going to call it a mixtape, so deal with it.  Brad is an old pal/coworker from when I was a TA/Dorm Parent at a writing camp back home in CT, and he made a sweet mix for each of us.  Nice work, Brad. You're probably not reading, but nice work.

Anyone else out there using iTunes DJ?  Or, better yet, is anyone using another similar program to mix it up?

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