Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Time I . . . Had Thanksgiving Dinner With The Airborne Toxic Event

I've been very lucky in the past few months to be invited by Radio 92.9 to experience some cool things, and I look forward to sharing them with you here.  Back in November, The Airborne Toxic Event  was in town, and the station had a "Thanksgiving Dinner"event with the band.  It was a small lunch meet-and-greet, and the band couldn't have been nicer.  Very down to earth and funny people.  

They had just been in NYC the night before for a show on their tour, and were sharing stories from their time in NYC.  Mikel told us about how he was climbing (literally, climbing) around Terminal 5.  His climbing skills were back in action at the Orpheum that night, when the band performed (with MONA - another cool rock band) - you can see his shadow climbing up into the mezzanine!  The crowd was going nuts, of course. 

They put on a really good show - their sound really filled the Orpheum. Thanks again to Radio 92.9 for this great day!

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