Monday, February 13, 2012

The Grammys, Or, The Whitney Houston Tribute Show

If you don't live under a rock, then you are probably aware that the Grammys were on last night.  Or, as it was made into, The Whitney Houston Tribute Show.  This nice Jewish girl didn't realize that we were going to church last night, but LL Cool J took us all there by leading the crowd in prayer.  "Amen...and with that, welcome to the Grammys."  What a transition, sir.  

I know that everyone and their music-loving mother will be writing about what they thought about the show and who won or didn't win, but I figured, I have a music blog - I think it's only expected that I should write something, right? I'm just going to share some thoughts about some favorite moments; I'm not even going to touch Nicki Minaj and her "performance" - I don't want to catch anything. 

Bruno Mars opened up the show with a lot of energy:  "Get off your rich asses and start dancing!"  He was definitely channelling his inner James Brown.

Foo Fighters - They were on more than once, and I think that I liked their 1st performance the best, even if they weren't in the actual theater.  They performed "Walk, which is one of my favorites from the new album.  This makes me want to see them live!  The performance at the end when they were in the big red thing next to Deadmau5? Cool, but, well, maybe it was that I wasn't pickin' up what Deadmau5 was puttin' down.

Dear Chipotle: You got me. I am in need of a burrito or a taco or something of that variety in my life. Like, hours ago.  You can deliver it to my home or place of business, whatever is easiest, thanks.
For real though, that commercial with Willie Nelson singing 'The Scientist' by Coldplay?  Genius.  Who didn't like this commercial?  Jerks, that's who.  Good work, team.

The Civil Wars - they had a beautiful but quick performance. I keep forgetting that they're NOT a couple.  Their Barton Hollow album is really beautiful all the way through.

Adele - What can I say? America (and The Grammy Academy, obviously) loves you.   Your performance was definitely worthy of the standing ovation you received. Wasn't a huge surprise that she won what she won! You go girl.

Bon Iver - SO excited that he won for Best New Artist... except that he's not new, really!  Either way, I'm cool with it.  Great speech, too.  He just really loves making music.  (Sidebar: THIS blog is hilarious.)

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  1. Well said. Grammys could've done without the Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj travesties, for sure. I wish she would just rap, b/c she is very talented at that - but everything else needs to stop asap. Also, I love chipotle but my roomie said that McDonald's owns we were having a hard time wrapping our heads around how "fresh" their ingredients really are. eekah, you just can't win.