Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Concert: Augustana and Graffiti6

Augustana and Graffiti6 performed at The Paradise Rock Club last night (January 31, 2012).  I was in desperate need of hearing good live music, and boy oh boy, did they deliver.

Graffiti6 opened the show, and my friend Randi and I caught their last few songs.  They sounded really fantastic live.  That's always the big question for me (and I'm sure most concert-goers): "I like this band,  but will they sound as good as they do on the album?"  I definitely want to check out more of their music.

Augustana certainly seemed happy to be back in Boston.  Of course, they performed their well-known and much-loved song "Boston", and nearly everyone in the room whipped out their smartphones to record the song.  Some of my favorites were  "Sweet and Low" and "Shot in the Dark".



The rest of their tour brings them to such places as Philly, D.C., Atlanta and then back this way to Mohegan Sun Casino.

I have to share the video for "Steal Your Heart", mostly because it's a great song, also because it sort of reminds me of something The Killers (at least I think it's The Killers who it's sounding reminiscent of) would do, and partly because, um, the guys aren't hard to look at. #justsayin.

"Steal Your Heart" - Augustana

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