Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Concert: Flogging Molly

If there's anything to be learned about last night's Flogging Molly show at the House of Blues, it's that they love the people of Boston.  No, really. The lead singer, Dave King, couldn't profess his love enough: "PEOPLE OF BOSTONNNNNNNNNNN!" 
He was sweet when he introduced his wife.  You can tell that family is important to him and the other band members - he told the crowd about certain songs that were written for his father and mother.  When the crowd started singing along to the song about his father, he stopped and called out, "Thank you!"
The energy and passion that the band puts out is pretty incredible - I am sorta new to the Flogging Molly/ Celtic Punk scene, but my friend Jen (who came to the show with me, all the way from NH!) and I had a really great time.  We definitely noticed that there were way more dudes at this show, which wasn't a terrible thing, but most of them were up front in the mosh pit, crowd-surfing their way to the security guard's big muscly arms.  The band barely paid attention to that, other than to give out a shout out to one crowd-surfer, simply because he was a red-head.  #gingerlove

A short video clip from the show 

  • One of my favorite songs: "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" 
  • The insane # of F-Bombs, shout-outs to Boston and her people, and more F-Bombs
  • The guy towards the end of the show who chatted us up, and told me to check out The Pogues because "they have better writing" - and then told me about Irish music at Toad in Cambridge
    • I looked 'em up, and they're another Celtic Punk band from London. Their name comes from the Irish "pogue mahone" meaning "kiss my arse."  I feel like I may like them based on their name alone.
  • The irish step dancing happening randomly behind us on the floor
All in all, a fun show, and it makes me want to also check out Dropkick Murphys.  Anyone else check out this show and want to put in their two cents?


  1. They've grown on me, for sure! Thanks for the comment, from one original CT girl to another!