Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spotify Radio

I've been playing around with the Radio feature on Spotify today, and it's introduced me to some cool new music.

I randomly picked Chadwick Stokes to base a radio station off of, and I was not disappointed. Way to go, Spotify.

Today, I was introduced to and really liked:

Barefoot Truth  -  if you go to their website, you can download a free mix of their tunes! Thanks, BFT!
Leftover Cuties  - I love their album art on Places To Go

Artists/bands I know and like that were on the mix:  

O.A.R.  (they put on a great concert!)
Pete Francis (previously of Dispatch)

If you have Spotify, definitely check out the Radio option.  It's like turning the Genius option iTunes, but it doesn't just use the music you already have; your ears will be introduced to a whole bunch of new artists.

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