Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Concert: Immortal Technique

This is a story all 'bout how my evening got turned upside down... 
So, I took a chance at a random first date and said that I'd meet up with someone for the first time for the Immortal Technique show last night at the Paradise Rock Club.  It was a bit out of my comfort zone, to last-minute have a Saturday night first date, especially to a rap show, but I figured, why not?  Welp, the date was a flop, that's all I'll say about that... that's putting it nicely!  

DJ G.I. Joe

DJ G.I.Joe, J.Arch, Chino XL. . . I'm probably forgetting an act or two, it was a little hard to keep track, no one really left the stage. They all just sorta hung out towards the back when they were done with their set but they kept chiming in with stuff... yeah. They were more and more talented with each performer, getting the crowd hyped up for Immortal Technique.

No joke, these guys actually kept doing the rap pose... I don't know what to call it, but it looks like this: 
For real. I LOL'd, for serious.

Sorry dude, I forget who you are, but you had an  amazing flow. That's what it's called, right? ;-)

Chino XL was incredible... his wordplay and rhymes are really impressive.  Check out his stuff.
Chino XL

This was definitely the first rap show I've ever been to, and it seemed like a pretty tame audience (it was filled primarily with young, white males, 18-30), and each rapper kept giving shout-outs "to all the females in the audience" - I guess they're trying to up the female population at rap shows, so I felt pretty cool for being there, haha.

Of course, because I took the T (yay public transportation), I had to leave early so that I could make sure I could get all the way back before the T stopped running. I was very lucky to have met someone who saved me, literally, from the sketchy initial date guy situation, and was able to enjoy the rest of the show that I was there for :-)

Moral of the Story:  When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Also, when life hands you a potentially cool date and rap show tickets, and the date goes down the tubes, don't give up - there may be actual cool guys there to enjoy the rest of the show with.

Update: Um, that "cool guy" ended up being an odd duck, too.  This is my life, folks.  Back to the drawing board...!

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