Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#WhatchaListeningTo Wednesday

Here's What I'm Listening To this week:

    • Imagine Dragons - It's Time - This raw version from SXSW is great and makes me want to join in right from the first hand clap and foot stomp. "Now don’t you understand?/That I'm never changing who I am..."
    • Florence & The Machine - No Light, No Light - When this drum beat starts, I can't stop myself from drumming along on the steering wheel. 
    • Mayer Hawthorne - The Walk - Okay, so I did a "Spotlight" on him back in January, but I have been hearing it on the radio right when I need a good jam, and it doesn't disappoint. I have a crush on MH, can't hide it. (PS I'm posting the uncensored version, in case there's any kiddos in the room...)
    • Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks - I'm still trying to figure out exactly what the song means to me, but I'm diggin' it overall... there's somethin' about it that pulled me in...  I'll tell ya one thing though - the video creeps the #$%& out of me!
    • Shawn Mullins - Light You Up - Um, hello. Sexy song right here, am I right, folks?

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