Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#WhatchaListeningTo Wednesdays

Here's What I'm Listening To this week:

    • Feist - The Bad In Each Other - the opening drum beat drew me in... the lyrics hit me, too, in a few ways.
    • The John Butler Trio - One Way Road - I typically hit replay when this is just about to end, because frankly, I don't want it to. JBT rocks.  "Wrong way going on a one way road/ Gonna turn it all around, gonna back it on up..."
    • The Avett Brothers - Kick Drum Heart - "My my heart like a kick drum/ My my love like a voice..."
    • O.A.R. - Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes - I've loved O.A.R. for about 10 years now (wow, I feel old saying that), and they put on an amazing show. This video definitely shows that!
    • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Look Around - This video definitely makes me want to keep watching and see what's coming next. 


    So, #WhatchaListeningTo?

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