Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tupac's Back?

Have you seen this yet?
From the little research that I did, Tupac was gone before the first Coachella ('96 and '99, respectively), so I'm curious to know how he's able to give a shoutout to Coachella specifically... I guess it's just the marvels of modern technology?

Wired.com informs me that, the hologram effect was "actually rear-projection on a semi-transparent screen" and that Nate Dogg was supposed to get the hologram treatment as well... but, uh, didn't.  Poor Mr. Dogg. The company that rap fans everywhere can thank for this hologram tribute is from Britain - Musion.  They've even created a hologram of Prince Charles. Sorry, if I'm going to have a hologram of any prince, it's Prince William. #JustSayin

The best part: 
Everyone has a Twitter page, even holograms.  Check out this Twitter account (@Hologram2Pac) - he's got a good sense of humor, for a hologram. ;-)

What do YOU think about his Coachella performance?  To hologram, or NOT to hologram?

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