Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#WhatchaListeningTo Wednesdays - Birthday Week Edition

Here's what I'm listening to this week:
  • Mike Doughty - Madeline and Nine - I've loved Mike Doughty for a few years, but keep missing him every time he's in Boston. 
  • Spoon - The Underdog - An old friend put this on a mix for me back in '05 or so, and I've been hearing it on the radio lately.
  • Regina Spektor - On the Radio - the video for this song is great!
  • Ed Sheeran - The A Team - he was in Boston recently, and I didn't know who he was - now I sorta wish I had gotten to see him!
  • Ben Howard - The Wolves - Another song that I've been hearing lately on the radio - makes me want to check out more of his stuff.

I'm calling this the Birthday Week Edition because tomorrow is my birthday, and my awesome coworkers brought in breakfast and snack stuff and gifts today!  I'll be out of the building with a student all day tomorrow, so that's why they did it today.  SO nice.  I got a cute Red Sox hat and a Ken Jennings Trivia book - I love trivia and have finally started playing Stump! Trivia with my boyfriend and friends.  

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