Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#WhatchaListeningTo Wednesdays

Here's what I'm listening to this week:

  • Counting Crows - Omaha (live!) - I heard this on the radio this week for the first time, and didn't realize it's an old one... oops.  Oh, Adam Duritz, your hair is almost too much to handle, and I love it.
  • Garbage - Blood For Poppies - I've heard this a few times in the last week or two and it's sticking with me for some reason... still figuring that one out...
  • Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart - I know it's an old one, but I don't really know much Joy Division, and am definitely late to this party, seeing as how this is from 1979.  Another oops.  If I'm correct, Lauren over at LaRockism is a JD fan, right? 
  • Andrew Bird - Eyeoneye - "Go ahead and re-eyeoneye yourself/ Give yourself a hand..."
  • Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye - from the man whose version of "Hallelujah" is well-known... he left this earth far too soon.


So, #WhatchaListeningTo?

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