Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#WhatchaListeningTo Wednesday

Here's what I'm listening to on this steamy week in the Boston area:

  • David Gray - Money (That's What I Want) - He just belts it out; it's so soulful.  I've got the end stuck in my head: "It is you/ yeah yeah, yeah yeah..."
  • Adam Ezra Group - Takin' Off - "Months and years can flash like fireflies/ 'Til all you're left with is the passing time..." A Boston-based band!  I especially like this video, since the band fit a bunch of fan videos together to create the music video for the song.  I always love to look around while at a show to see what kinds of angles people are shooting from, and then checking out what others saw that I might have missed. 
  • Mumford & Sons - The Boxer - I love pretty much everything that Simon & Garfunkel has done, and this is a great cover.
  • Paul Simon - Late In the Evening - this was a great find on Monday morning radio.
  • tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta - a random Monday morning radio find; something definitely different and for some reason, I couldn't stop listening to it.  Still trying to decide if I really like it or not...
So, #whatchalisteningto?

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