Wednesday, July 4, 2012

#WhatchaListeningTo Wednesdays - Wedding Edition

So, I was in LA this past weekend for my friends' wedding - I was so honored to take part in the wedding as a bridesmaid and had the BEST time.  You know what can really  make or break a wedding, though?


Well, I guess the food and the company matters, but still. ;-)  

Nicole and Jay's DJ was really great - great energy and played exactly what they wanted.  Their DJ was Shawn Vasquez of Amazing Event DJs in South Pasadena, CA and he did an amazing job getting the guests involved and pumped up!

We even made a few requests and he came through.  Cha Cha Slide, anyone?

Here's just a selection of what we got our groove thangs moving to:

I can't wait to see the photos of us boogying down on the dance floor!

Also, they learned a sweet and beautiful dance to Jason Mraz's I Won't Give Up - definitely made me tear up and listen to the song in a new way.  I am so excited for my friends on their new married adventure!  

Perfect weekend, perfect wedding, perfect couple, perfect music!  For me, music can make a situation that much more meaningful... which means that when it comes time for my wedding, I am definitely going to have to turn to using a spreadsheet like Nic did! ;-)  

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