Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#MusicMyFriendsGotMeInto: Youngblood Hawke

"Check out this song and let us know what you think," asked friends at Radio 92.9.  What else would a girl with a music blog do?  I clicked on the link:
I'm glad that I did!  If you're a fan of, as Sam from the band calls it, "weird pop," you're in business. Youngblood Hawke is the band for you.
Their first single, "We Come Running," was released today on iTunes, and seems to be jumping the charts quickly!  I started following them on Twitter and couldn't sleep last week, and found myself checking out a live streaming Stickam show where the band was being interviewed by DJRossStar:

DJRossStar on Stickam with Youngblood Hawke
You can hear my call at about the 48 minute mark - thanks for having me on the show, guys!  The band seems very interested in connecting with fans, as is evident on their Twitter page (@YoungbloodHawke) - I can certainly say that fans recognize and appreciate any effort a musician or band puts in to stay connected!  

During the live streaming show, I asked the band who their musical influences have been.  They threw out such names as Electric Light Orchestra, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty - any "good, great songs with great hooks."  Some of the names being thrown around for who Youngblood Hawke sounds like have been Fun., The Killers, Walk The Moon, MGMT... what do YOU think?
When asked if a song is ever truly completed, one of the guys commented that "a song is never done - it's done when someone rips it from your hands."

For more information about this band who is sure to hit airwaves near you soon, check out their Facebook page!  If you start to follow them on Twitter, tell 'em that @JoannaB sent ya ;-)

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