Friday, September 28, 2012

In Concert: The Life is good Festival 2012

This past weekend, for the third year in a row, I had the honor of being part of Jake's Crew - I was a volunteer at the Life is good Festival in Canton, MA.  I was back with the ladies at the face painting tent, and we barely had a quiet moment the whole time we were open!  Children and adults who were being children for the weekend came by for some designs on faces and hands or arms, and we had a blast being able to listen to music - and for me, I snuck away at times to grab some photos and videos.  
My handiwork!  I lost track of how many of this design I painted, but everyone kept sending festival-goers over to my chair because I guess they liked how I did it.  I had 'customers' of all walks of life - all ages, all abilities. Each one had a different story, and it made me glad to brighten their day with a little face paint.

Beautiful weather!

Beverages with some fun ladies after a long day of facepainting!

"The Sound of Sunshine" - so much fun with beach balls!

I won a CD from one of my favorite local radio stations - Thanks, WERS!  The ladies who were at the booth were pretty cool, and were some of the gals you hear on-air.  Always helps when the people you turn to for your daily tunes are actually nice in real life, right?  I smell a blogpost about this album in the future...
I painted this! The girl who I painted it for put it on #Instagram,  and found /liked one of the photos I took and tagged with #LIGfest. It's a small world!

Going to be looking for the Unreal brand in stores! Their candy is so delicious, and isn't as bad for you as the other stuff out there! Their booth was next to mine, and the guys running it were so nice! 


"Come Around"clip


I lost track of how many Rocket faces I painted over the weekend! Too cute. 
I need more Sharon Jones in my life.  

"Without a Heart" clip


A beautiful night for some beautiful music.
"So Damn Lucky" clip

I spent more time face-painting than I did enjoying music, but was so glad to be a part of such an amazing event.  I can't wait for next year's festival already!  I am definitely looking forward to checking out more music from ALO, Air Traffic Controller and Sarah Jarosz.

Did you go to the Life is good Festival?  What was your favorite part? If you couldn't make it, who would you love to see there in the future?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#WhatchaListeningTo Wednesday - #LIGfest Edition

I've been absent for a few weeks, but I'm BACK! Just in time, too, for the Life is good Festival this coming weekend in Canton, MA.  I am proud to be a volunteer for the 3rd year in a row at the Festival, and I'm again signed up to be a facepainter!
Yep, that's my handiwork from last year. Jealous?
This week's #WhatchaListeningTo list is going to feature songs from artists I'm excited to hear! Also, check below to see which artist tweeted me back about the Festival!

Here's what I'm listening to in preparation for the Festival!
  • Sara Bareilles - Uncharted - I love this video's cameos. "Jumpstart, my kaleidoscope heart..."
  • Soulive - Steppin' - This song has been on my playlist since '02, and I still love it. I am so excited to finally hear them/sneak away from the tent for a song or two! 
  • Tim Reynolds (performing with Dave Matthews) - Stream - This man is a-ma-zing. Seriously.  Dave and Tim shows are really about the music and showcasing their musical abilities, which I appreciate.  
  • Eric Hutchinson - Oh - One of my favorite "in-the-car-sing-a-long" songs.  Also, this is from the radio station I grew up listening to.  Hey, 96.5, heyyy. 
  • Ryan Montbleau Band - Carry - I am looking forward to seeing Ryan and the band play live, as I'm starting to get into their catalogue.  "And I will carry the weight..."
Tweet Tweet!
Yep, I went there.  #Nerd

Anyone else going to the #LIGfest? Tweet me at the Festival and come on over to get your face painted!  I got all the LIG designs dowwwwwwwn. #facepaintingprofessional