Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#WhatchaListeningTo Wednesday - #LIGfest Edition

I've been absent for a few weeks, but I'm BACK! Just in time, too, for the Life is good Festival this coming weekend in Canton, MA.  I am proud to be a volunteer for the 3rd year in a row at the Festival, and I'm again signed up to be a facepainter!
Yep, that's my handiwork from last year. Jealous?
This week's #WhatchaListeningTo list is going to feature songs from artists I'm excited to hear! Also, check below to see which artist tweeted me back about the Festival!

Here's what I'm listening to in preparation for the Festival!
  • Sara Bareilles - Uncharted - I love this video's cameos. "Jumpstart, my kaleidoscope heart..."
  • Soulive - Steppin' - This song has been on my playlist since '02, and I still love it. I am so excited to finally hear them/sneak away from the tent for a song or two! 
  • Tim Reynolds (performing with Dave Matthews) - Stream - This man is a-ma-zing. Seriously.  Dave and Tim shows are really about the music and showcasing their musical abilities, which I appreciate.  
  • Eric Hutchinson - Oh - One of my favorite "in-the-car-sing-a-long" songs.  Also, this is from the radio station I grew up listening to.  Hey, 96.5, heyyy. 
  • Ryan Montbleau Band - Carry - I am looking forward to seeing Ryan and the band play live, as I'm starting to get into their catalogue.  "And I will carry the weight..."
Tweet Tweet!
Yep, I went there.  #Nerd

Anyone else going to the #LIGfest? Tweet me at the Festival and come on over to get your face painted!  I got all the LIG designs dowwwwwwwn. #facepaintingprofessional

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