Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Concert: Radio 92.9 Ho Ho Hoedown

Is there a better way to celebrate the holidays than with adult beverages, fellow music lovers, good live bands and a Santa who throws free candy canes to the crowd?  According to Radio 92.9, there is NOT. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the Radio 92.9 Ho Ho Hoedown of 2012.

A Silent Film

"Reaching The Potential"

I really enjoyed their set - very reminiscent of Snow Patrol, Keane and Coldplay.  They started the night out strong but not too crazy - just enough to get the crowd interested in them and what was to come.

Youngblood Hawke

Having the chance to watch these guys from backstage was a great experience.  I first heard of YBH during the summer (read more here) and have been following their crazy adventures and tour via Instagram and Facebook.  I would have loved to meet them, but hopefully they will get back to Boston another time soon.  The guys from AWOLNATION really like their music, or so Hayden from AWOLNATION told me.

From the moment Youngblood Hawke took the stage, they were totally invested in the show.  They rock some pretty crazy outfits which definitely matches their fun-loving and energetic show.  The crowd definitely loved when they played their single "We Come Running."


 I thought that the House of Blues was loud before AWOLNATION went on.  I was incorrect.  The place exploded when Aaron and the band took the stage.  They simply rocked.  
"Guilty Filthy Soul"

Thanks again to Radio 92.9 for a great night of music - who was your favorite band of the night?


  1. I went with the express purpose of seeing A Silent Film. Without them, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to hear AWOL live. The 92.9 people I met were awesome! You shoulda stopped over by ASF's swag table and got the chance to meet these boys. You'd be sold.

    If you want to fix that, they're playing The Met in Pawtucket on 2/9 with Gold Fields and Blondefire. http://www.songkick.com/artists/87735-a-silent-film?utm_source=3246&utm_medium=partner

  2. Thanks for reading, Jay! I had only heard Youngblood Hawke's music before the show, but now am a fan of A Silent Film and AWOLNATION as well! A Silent Film definitely impressed me, and I should have stopped by their table, bummer. Thanks for the info about their February show!