Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In Studio - Churchill

I had the opportunity recently to head over to Radio 92.9 in Boston to enjoy an in-studio performance with the band Churchill.  It was my first time in the Boch Studio 92.9 and it was definitely a cool experience being up-close-and-personal with a band that I'm just getting into - "Change" has been a huge hit for the band, and it was great to hear that and others live.
Tim and Mike
Amy Brooks interviewed the band, touching on many subjects from interesting questions on their bios from their band website to the name of the band.  Anyone for a tall, delicious glass of Tyler's favorite beverage, Purplesaurus Rex?
Hi, 1980s.
How did the band come to pick "Churchill", anyways?  They had "a list of names" - literally, a "piece of paper with terrible names and [Churchill] was the least terrible," one of the guys laughed.

The band played three songs, starting with the hit "Change."  The story behind it is that they were "terrified of signing a record deal," and the "idea that people would want to change [them]."  It was also mentioned that "doing what you believe is right in all things" when others may be trying to change you was an idea behind the song, as well.  
Amy Brooks Interviewing Churchill in the Boch Studio 92.9 
Bands that the members of Churchill find inspiring, have seen lately or just simply listen to on their free time include The Killers, The Punch Brothers and Fleetwood Mac.
Me with Churchill in the Boch Studio 92.9
 Advice for other bands? "Do as much as you can on your own... and have fun!"
Churchill with Mattu in the Boch Studio 92.9
Do your ears a favor and click over to the Boch Studio 92.9 page to listen to "Change," "Betrayed" and "Ark in a Flood."  After you do that, let me know what you think!  Don't forget to check out Churchill on Facebook and Twitter to see what they're up to next.

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