Thursday, February 23, 2012

#MusicMyFriendsGotMeInto: Of Monsters and Men

I love when my friends introduce me to music I've never heard before, especially when they're passionate about it.  I'm lucky to have friends, connected to the music industry and otherwise, who have shared incredible new music with me over the years. 

Today's #MusicMyFriendsGotMeInto moment (I'm stuck on creating new hashtags, don't judge me!) is brought to you by Courtney, one of my best friends from college. She introduced me to Of Monsters and Men:

As she says, this indie/folk/ska band is definitely a bit like an Icelandic Mumford and Sons, who I also enjoy. 

"Little Talks" - Of Monsters and Men

The male lead singer's reminds me so much of Torquil Campbell from Stars (Canadian indie pop band), it was hard to listen to this song and not expect a Stars song to follow.  I have read that Rolling Stone has called Of Monsters and Men a "new Arcade Fire" in addition to being the "Icelandic Mumford and Sons". 

I also found this - "Your Bones"(audio only)

So, what do you think?  Like 'em? Leave 'em? Get Courtney to make more music recommendations? ;-)

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